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Abstract Art


For today’s video I’m sharing the process of doodling and playing, not really expressing anything deep or groundbreaking, but making something just to be creative. I wanted to share in order to encourage you to keep creating and sharing as well!  Canvas Dimensions: 3000×2000 pixels Supplies

Mixed Media Doodle


In my new Create with Intuition series, I provide two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt. Intuitive Prompt: “Gratitude” When you think about what you’re grateful for, what comes to mind? Maybe a million different ideas immediately pop up, […]

Alcohol Ink Inspired by Weather Patterns – CWI Nov 2022


Today I wanted to take you along with me while creating a very messy digital mixed media collage on a dark background. We will experiment with adding bits of paper, stitching, doodles and paint using my Mixed Media brush set for Procreate. Canvas Dimensions: 10 x 8″ at 300 DPI Set the background color Go […]

Make a Digital Mixed Media Collage

Mixed Media Collage on a Dark Background

This video was requested by Deb from the community – a wispy abstract butterfly made from digital acrylic pour painting and lined with messy black ink. I tried a few different versions and ultimately decided to trace a butterfly outline from an image from unsplash, to use as a template. Then I filled the “wings” […]

Acrylic Pour Butterfly

Acrylic Pour Butterfly

Today I wanted to do a very simple and colorful digital alcohol ink piece in Procreate that includes a lot of metallics and very cheerful colors, perfect for June! Canvas Dimensions: 3000×2000 pixels at 300 DPI I would love to see what you come up with! You’re very welcome to tag me on Instagram @alainajensen, […]

Colorful Alcohol Ink with Metallics

A tutorial video about how to create digital alcohol ink on an ipad

For today’s tutorial we will be making a forest out of digital alcohol ink which is very abstract and looks a bit like it might belong in a Dr. Suess book! It’s a bit silly and whimsical, and a lot of fun to make. The technique is inspired (with permission) by an artist named Bea […]

Whimsical Abstract Forest


Today we are using one of my favourite techniques for boosting creativity – completely removing color as a variable by using only one color (black in this case). This forces us to focus on other variables instead to make the art more interesting, like texture details. Painting a full moon seemed like a perfect, minimalist […]

Watercolor Moon


Sometimes with abstract art, a blank page can be really intimidating because of the wide open realm of possibility it represents. You can do any shapes, colors, techniques, patterns etc – the possibilities are limitless! This can be really scary and sometimes result in giving up before even getting started. That is why, in this […]

Abstract Art using a Reference Photo


In today’s tutorial is inspired by the Japanese concept of Kintsugi, which means “golden joinery” – the art of putting broken pieces of pottery back together using gold. This art form celebrates the broken pieces as a beautiful part of the history of the object, rather trying to hide the flaws. I love this concept […]

Kintsugi Inspired Digital Artwork


The only parts about today’s piece that I planned ahead are the brushes and the colors! The rest will be totally spontaneous. Join me as we create intuitively together! I’m feeling very drawn to blues, purples and pinks today. I start out by making a few blobs on the paper, choosing colors that I think […]

Pastel Acrylic Pour


I haven’t played with my Alcohol Ink brushes in too long, and they were calling me today! I decided to allow the lines to tell a story by tracing along the general edges of the shape, highlighting the direction and flow of the piece. Join me on this soothing journey – let’s see where our creativity will take us!  

Alcohol Ink with White Space and Gold Details


Today’s tutorial is a mixed media piece that was inspired by a supporter who was curious about my “creative process” and asked me to make a video explaining it. The brushes (including stamps) and palette I’m using are from my Mixed Media bundle for Procreate. You can view the tutorial by clicking below. The piece I am […]

Ink Circles Mixed Media


Today we are creating a fluid pour burst on a dark background in the Procreate iPad app with an Apple Pencil. The brushes and palette I’m using are from my Acrylic Pour brush bundle, which is available for sale at the following link: https://shop.alainajensen.com/b/acrylic-pour. Canvas Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 Pixels I would love to see […]

Acrylic Pour Burst on a Dark Background


In today’s tutorial we are digitally creating a very simple fluid pour using my Acrylic Pour brushes for Procreate. I decided to challenge myself to create a fluid art piece without using the liquify tool at all – instead using the brushes from the set and specifically the “Fluid Pour” brushes which come with quite a […]

Simple Fluid Pour