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Abstract Art


In today’s tutorial is inspired by the Japanese concept of Kintsugi, which means “golden joinery” – the art of putting broken pieces of pottery back together using gold. This art form celebrates the broken pieces as a beautiful part of the history of the object, rather trying to hide the flaws. I love this concept […]

Kintsugi Inspired Digital Artwork


The only parts about today’s piece that I planned ahead are the brushes and the colors! The rest will be totally spontaneous. Join me as we create intuitively together! I’m feeling very drawn to blues, purples and pinks today. I start out by making a few blobs on the paper, choosing colors that I think […]

Pastel Acrylic Pour


I haven’t played with my Alcohol Ink brushes in too long, and they were calling me today! I decided to allow the lines to tell a story by tracing along the general edges of the shape, highlighting the direction and flow of the piece. Join me on this soothing journey – let’s see where our creativity will take us!  

Alcohol Ink with White Space and Gold Details


Today’s tutorial is a mixed media piece that was inspired by a supporter who was curious about my “creative process” and asked me to make a video explaining it. The brushes (including stamps) and palette I’m using are from my Mixed Media bundle for Procreate. You can view the tutorial by clicking below. The piece I am […]

Ink Circles Mixed Media


Today we are creating a fluid pour burst on a dark background in the Procreate iPad app with an Apple Pencil. The brushes and palette I’m using are from my Acrylic Pour brush bundle, which is available for sale at the following link: https://shop.alainajensen.com/b/acrylic-pour. Canvas Dimensions: 3000 x 2000 Pixels I would love to see […]

Acrylic Pour Burst on a Dark Background


In today’s tutorial we are digitally creating a very simple fluid pour using my Acrylic Pour brushes for Procreate. I decided to challenge myself to create a fluid art piece without using the liquify tool at all – instead using the brushes from the set and specifically the “Fluid Pour” brushes which come with quite a […]

Simple Fluid Pour


In today’s tutorial we will create a neutral abstract collage piece in the Procreate, using plenty of whimsical embellishments, but with a subtle color palette so that the overall effect is muted. I chose to focus on the top and the bottom of the canvas rather than the middle, in order to create a composition […]

Neutral Mixed Media Abstract Collage


In today’s tutorial we are creating a digital acrylic pour rainbow effect, with colorful trails rising up onto a dark canvas and delicate cells emerging. We create this effect using only three brushes from my Acrylic Pour brush set, starting with Fluid Pour 2 to add the colors fairly randomly to the bottom of the […]

Acrylic Pour Rainbow


Today we are creating another digital fluid art piece with my Acrylic Pour brushes for Procreate, which emulates the “dirty pour” technique used in analogue acrylic pour paintings. With this technique, after the canvas is prepped with white paint, several fluid acrylic colors are added to the same cup and then poured artistically onto the canvas. This […]

Dirty Pour Painting with Big Cells


Today we are creating a digital acrylic pour painting in Procreate, which looks a bit like a flower! When I started out I did not intend for it to be a flower but that is how it turned out, with wispy tendrils for petals and a gold metallic center, so I just went with it. […]

Acrylic Pour Flower


I’ve been so blown away by the wonderful response to my new Acrylic Pour brushes for Procreate last week! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the artwork created so far.  In today’s tutorial, we will continue our acrylic pour painting journey by experimenting with color, texture and technique – merging several of my new brushes with standard Procreate tools. You […]

Acrylic Pour Art


Today I’m so excited to introduce my brand new Acrylic Pour brushes for Procreate!  Procreate already has a Liquify tool to make colors flow across the canvas, but real acrylic pours have “cells” – pockets of color that pop up from unerneath. With this range of dynamic cell brushes, along with specially formulated “swipe with cells” blender […]

Basic Swipe with Cells


Today, we’re going to do something new – moving away from Procreate for the time being to explore a few of the filters available in a different app called iColorama. I am not affiliated with this app, but it’s something that I’ve noticed many members of our community experimenting with.  One of the main appeals of iColorama is the […]

Using iColorama for Thick Paint Effects


In today’s tutorial, we’re creating a mandala in Procreate! This piece was inspired by Jane Proctor, a member of our Facebook community. Jane’s artwork is simply marvelous! Please check out her Instagram profile. Lately, she’s been creating these amazing mandalas with iridescent centers and gold trim. I will be using my Gold Rush brushes for the outline and my Iridescent brushes for the […]