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September 5, 2022

Make a Digital Mixed Media Collage

Today I wanted to take you along with me while creating a very messy digital mixed media collage on a dark background. We will experiment with adding bits of paper, stitching, doodles and paint using my Mixed Media brush set for Procreate.

Canvas Dimensions: 10 x 8″ at 300 DPI

Set the background color

Go to layers panel – background color and select a dark color.

Add bits of paper
  • Use a paper brush from the mixed media set to add a piece of paper.
  • Tap Layer – Select then use Texture Solidifier brush in white.
  • Keep repeating the process above, each in a separate layer, to add bits of paper to your collage.
  • Rearrange paper bits as desired using the arrow (move) tool.
  • Move layers up and down in the layers panel until you’re happy with the stacking order.
Add paint and other media
  • Make a new layer and move it to in between the paper layers.
  • Use Gesso, Acrylic Chalk, and/or other messy looking media brushes to build texture around the paper bits. Use plenty of white and add other color for dimension.
  • Add stitching
  • Make a new layer above the paint layer.
  • Using the stitching brushes to trace around parts of the papers.
  • Experiment with both light and dark colors so you can decide which you like best.
Add doodles
  • Make a new layer above the stitching.
  • With the Gloopy Ink brush or similar, draw some floral doodles around the edges of the paper bits.
Add ephemera stamps
  • Go to one of the paper layers.
  • Tap the layer then tap select.
  • Now go to the Ephemera Stamps brush folder (also included in the Mixed Media set) and find a script stamp.
  • Stamp it on to the paper, tilting your pen in the direction you want your stamp to go.
  • Add other stamps (like florals) as desired, making sure each is on its own layer.
Other embellishments
  • Make a new layer.
  • Trace around edges of things with dot brushes.
  • Add splatters in various colors.
  • Add any other embellishments you desire.

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xo, alaina