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February 9, 2023

Abstract Fiber Art

Today, I’m excited to be sharing a digital art process video with you, showcasing the incredible capabilities of Procreate and my custom Fiber Art brush set.

Having trouble viewing the video? You can also watch it on YouTube.

I’ll demonstrate how to create beautiful artwork with neutral colors and lots of texture. My process begins with diagonal lines created using the felting brushes. From there, I add florals, pieces of cloth, stitching and embellishments to give the piece depth and interest. I hope this video will inspire you to create something today and to explore the endless possibilities of digital art!


Specific Brushes Used

  • Thin Coarse Messy
  • Matted Directional Fibers
  • Tough Fluff
  • Loose Tangled Fibers 2
  • Barely There Fibers
  • Loose Curly Tangle Fibers
  • Running Stitch 5
  • Cross Stitch 1
  • Chain Stitch 1
  • Wonky Fly Stitch 1
  • Burlap 2
  • Crumpled Cheesecloth
  • Tiger Eye Bead
  • Cotton Fluff
  • Multi Stitch 3

xo, alaina