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April 6, 2023

Abstract Art Prompts for April 2023

Today we are doing another episode of Create with Intuition, a monthly practice where we explore intuitive and visual art prompts. This month’s theme is “Divergence,” which is the point where two things split off from one another. I find this concept fascinating because it has so many meanings in different fields of study, and also reminds me of neurodivergence.

Can’t see the video? You can also watch it on Youtube.

Intuitive Prompt: “Divergence”

  1. How Can You Emphasize Contrasting Elements? Use opposing shapes, colors, or textures to emphasize the separation and create a sense of tension.
  2. What color combinations can convey divergence? You could pair warm and cool colors, contrasting shades, or sudden transitions between hues to create visual conflict and enhance the sense of divergence.
  3. How Can You Depict Fragmentation in Your Art? Incorporate fragmented shapes, disrupted patterns, or chaotic arrangements to emphasize the idea of separation and disconnection.
  4. How Can Balance and Imbalance Portray Divergence? Experiment with asymmetrical compositions, uneven distribution of visual weight, or elements that create a sense of tension and instability.
  5. How can contrasting artistic styles portray divergence? Combine different styles, mediums, or techniques to create visual tension and emphasize the idea of two elements being at odds with each other.

Visual Prompt: Squares

Photo Collection for Inspiration

To further inspire your creative exploration of “Divergence,” this month’s visual prompt is “Squares.” Squares can represent structure, stability, and conformity but can also symbolize out-of-the-box thinking. How might you interpret the concept of divergence through the visual imagery of squares? Use these photos as a jumping-off point to explore the theme of “Divergence.”

Tutorial Video

I have created the tutorial video above to showcase one interpretation of the intuitive prompt and visual prompt. My interpretation is just one possible way to approach this month’s prompts – I encourage you to follow your own intuition and create something uniquely your own. Use this video as a source of inspiration and a starting point for your own creative exploration.

I can’t wait to see what you create! Share your artwork in the facebook group, or on Instagram using the hashtag #CreateWithIntuition and tag me @alainajensen for a chance to be featured in my stories. Happy creating!


I want to encourage you to use any brushes that you want to for these prompts! Just take a deep breath, think about the prompts, and grab whatever brushes are calling to you in that moment without thinking too much about why. In my version, I ended up creating an abstract squarey piece in red, navy and gold, using my Painterly brush set.

xo, alaina