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November 3, 2022

Alcohol Ink Inspired by Weather Patterns – CWI Nov 2022

In my new Create with Intuition series, I provide two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt.

Intuitive Prompt: “Gratitude”

When you think about what you’re grateful for, what comes to mind? Maybe a million different ideas immediately pop up, or maybe it’s hard to find something to be grateful for right now. Either way, it could be anything at all, maybe something or someone that made you smile recently. Whatever it is, keep this in mind as you create, letting it inspire your decisions. 

Visual Prompt: Weather

Photo Collection for Inspiration

For this month’s visual prompt, we are incorporating the visual concept of weather patterns. Though we might do more specific weather concepts in the future, this time we are keeping it broad, including sunshine, rain, snow, storms, thunder/lighting, even a weather map you might see on the news. If any of this grabs your attention, go with that and let it inspire your creativity!

Tutorial Video

In the following video, I go through my process of being inspired by these prompts, and how it leads me to create a flowy pink and yellow alcohol ink peice with a black “cloud” and three upside down bolts of lighting representing my family members.

I want to encourage you to use any brushes that you want to for these prompts! Just take a deep breath, think about the prompts, and grab whatever brushes are calling to you in that moment without thinking to much about why.

In my version, I wanted to create something dreamy and flowy and I ended up using my Amazing Alcohol Ink brush set for my piece. If you want to know more about the brushes, you can see them below.


Brushes: Amazing Alcohol Ink

xo, alaina