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I’ve made a new brush set! This one has been years in the making. These brushes are made from real plants, personally collected from across England and Wales, carefully pressed and then scanned at high resolution. Amazingly, the brushes are NOT stamps – they dynamically respond to pressure and direction for aunique result every time. […]

Greenery Brushes – Complete Walkthrough and Tutorial


Today I wanted to do a very simple and colorful digital alcohol ink piece in Procreate that includes a lot of metallics and very cheerful colors, perfect for June! Canvas Dimensions: 3000×2000 pixels at 300 DPI I would love to see what you come up with! You’re very welcome to tag me on Instagram @alainajensen, […]

Colorful Alcohol Ink with Metallics

A tutorial video about how to create digital alcohol ink on an ipad

In today’s tutorial, we will create an abstract digital collage landscape. First we will use a photo from Unsplash to find the basic shapes and colors of the landscape, and then take it off the rails by using paper textures, ephemera stamps, stitching and paint to create a very fanciful and abstract mixed media landscape […]

Digital Collage Landscape


For today’s tutorial we will be making a forest out of digital alcohol ink which is very abstract and looks a bit like it might belong in a Dr. Suess book! It’s a bit silly and whimsical, and a lot of fun to make. The technique is inspired (with permission) by an artist named Bea […]

Whimsical Abstract Forest


Today we are using one of my favourite techniques for boosting creativity – completely removing color as a variable by using only one color (black in this case). This forces us to focus on other variables instead to make the art more interesting, like texture details. Painting a full moon seemed like a perfect, minimalist […]

Watercolor Moon


Sometimes with abstract art, a blank page can be really intimidating because of the wide open realm of possibility it represents. You can do any shapes, colors, techniques, patterns etc – the possibilities are limitless! This can be really scary and sometimes result in giving up before even getting started. That is why, in this […]

Abstract Art using a Reference Photo


In this video I’ll show you additional troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you get the most out of my Dual Color brushes for Procreate, or any other brushes which use the tilt function of the Apple Pencil. The main walkthrough video for the Dual Color brushes can be found here. I would love to […]

Dual Color Brushes Troubleshooting Guide


In today’s tutorial, we are painting a Lily with dual color dynamic brushes, using white as a secondary color and using a non-white background for contrast. I would love to see what you come up with! You’re very welcome to tag me on Instagram @alainajensen, use #alainajensenbrushes or share your work in our free facebook group.  […]

Dual Color Lily


Join me for a very quick and easy tutorial for painting a potted snake plant in Procreate using the angled brushes from my new Dual Color brush set. The brushes I’m using are from my Dual Color brushes for Procreate, which is available for sale at the following link: Dual Color Brushes. Canvas Dimensions: 8×10″ […]

Dual Color Potted Plant


In today’s tutorial, we are painting a Rose with dual color dynamic brushes, using two colors in the same brush. I would love to see what you come up with! You’re very welcome to tag me on Instagram @alainajensen, use #alainajensenbrushes or share your work in our free facebook group.  If you have any questions please […]

Dual Color Rose


I’ve had so many requests for a One Stroke painting brush set, so I had to try it! The result is this collection of 43 dynamic brushes which paint in two colors at the same time, enabling you to create digital one stroke style paintings right on your iPad. I made a little video to […]

Dual Color Brushes – Complete Walkthrough


In today’s tutorial is inspired by the Japanese concept of Kintsugi, which means “golden joinery” – the art of putting broken pieces of pottery back together using gold. This art form celebrates the broken pieces as a beautiful part of the history of the object, rather trying to hide the flaws. I love this concept […]

Kintsugi Inspired Digital Artwork


I wanted to do a special tutorial today in honor of the strong and brave people of Ukraine who are currently fighting for their lives, their families, and their homes. The brush, canvas and palette used in this tutorial are available to you at the links below. These materials are freely given because I wanted […]

Watercolor Sunflowers | Free Brush, Canvas & Palette


The only parts about today’s piece that I planned ahead are the brushes and the colors! The rest will be totally spontaneous. Join me as we create intuitively together! I’m feeling very drawn to blues, purples and pinks today. I start out by making a few blobs on the paper, choosing colors that I think […]

Pastel Acrylic Pour