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Galaxy Brush Tutorials


Based on the positive feedback and numerous requests on my last tutorial, I’ve decided to start a series of triptych videos using various styles and brushes. Today, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a triptych with my galaxy brush set. Each panel is not only a part of the bigger picture but also […]

Galaxy Triptych


Welcome to the latest installment of Create with Intuition, a monthly series where we explore the power of intuitive prompts to inspire your creative practice. This month, our intuitive prompt is “Flight,” and we’ve got five exploratory questions to get you started. Can’t see the video? You can also watch it on Youtube. Intuitive Prompt: […]

Abstract Art prompts March 2023


In my Create with Intuition series, I provide two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt. Intuitive Prompt: “Song Lyrics” Choose a song that you like or has meaning to you. Use the answers to these questions to inspire your […]

Art Prompts for Feb 2023


In my new series of intuitive art prompts that I’m calling Create with Intuition, I’ll be providing two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt. Intuitive Prompt: “Safe Place” Contemplate this phrase for a few minutes before starting. When you […]

“Safe Place” / Waves – Art Prompts October 2022


In today’s tutorial, we will explore a fun way to use the standard Quick Line tool that comes with Procreate. I love to mix things up by exploring what’s possible when you make art using both my brushes and the excellent free tools that come with Procreate!  I’m a bit obsessed with adding tools to my digital […]

Using Quick Line in Procreate with Scatter and Pattern Brushes


Today, we’re revisiting a favorite – Galaxies! Join me in creating a “fantasy supernova!” It’s not something you will find in nature, but it IS a ton of fun! First, I create the background layer black. I’m choosing a yellowish orange color and switching to my Galaxy Stamps folder where I am choosing my Supernova […]

Fantasy Supernova


In today’s tutorial, we create an Aurora Borealis piece using the Motion Blur tool with my Galaxy and Winter Magic Brush sets. In keeping with last week’s theme, we are pairing another standard Procreate tool with my brushes. Incorporating these tools is an area of exploration for me, and I am enjoying adding to the repertoire of artistic resources at […]

Aurora Borealis with Motion Blur in Procreate


ln this video, I share my technique to create an eclipse surrounded by nebula clouds in Procreate. Made using iPad Pro 2020 in the Procreate app with Apple Pencil on a black background using brushes from my new Galaxy brush set and colors from the accompanying “Pastel Galaxy” palette. Alternatively, you are very welcome to […]

Create an Eclipse Surrounded by Nebula Clouds in Procreate


Join me in creating a nebula galaxy scene that tells a story. What would your own personal galaxy look like? The answer probably depends on the day. With my new galaxy brush set, the possibilities are as vast as your creativity! Made using iPad Pro 2020 in the Procreate app with Apple Pencil on a […]

How to Create a Nebula Galaxy Scene in Procreate


A full walkthrough and tutorial for my new Galaxy brush system for Procreate. In this video, you can look over my shoulder while I explain and demonstrate what each brush is for and how to get the best results out of it. This brush system is based on public domain images of real life nebula, […]

Galaxy Brushes for Procreate – Complete Walkthrough


As a lover of all things galaxy, I’ve been dreaming about these brushes for a long time. Some of my earliest forays into digital art were galaxy themed. It’s hard to imagine a scene more majestic and breathtaking than the stars and the heavens. I’m so excited to finally release these brushes – I hope […]

Creating a Galaxy Scene in Procreate