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March 2, 2023

Abstract Art prompts March 2023

Welcome to the latest installment of Create with Intuition, a monthly series where we explore the power of intuitive prompts to inspire your creative practice. This month, our intuitive prompt is “Flight,” and we’ve got five exploratory questions to get you started.

Can’t see the video? You can also watch it on Youtube.

Intuitive Prompt: “Flight”

  1. What would it feel like to fly? Imagine the sensation of soaring through the air, feeling the wind rushing past your face, and the sensation of weightlessness. How would you capture those sensations in your artwork? Consider experimenting with color and texture to convey the feeling of being airborne, such as bright blues and whites for the sky or bold brushstrokes to suggest movement and momentum.
  2. What kind of creatures or objects might take flight? Birds are an obvious choice, but what about insects, mythical creatures, or even everyday objects like balloons or kites? How could you depict these in your artwork? Think about the symbolic and metaphorical possibilities of these choices.
  3. How does flight relate to freedom? Many people associate flight with a sense of freedom and release from the monotony of every day routines. How could you convey this feeling in your artwork? Consider the emotional and psychological elements of flight, including the sense of liberation that comes with being airborne.
  4. How could flight be depicted abstractly? Instead of depicting birds or other flying creatures realistically, consider using abstract shapes, colors, and textures to convey the sensation of flight. How might you experiment with different materials and techniques to achieve this effect?
  5. How could flight be interpreted symbolically? Flight could be interpreted as a symbol for many things – spiritual enlightenment, escape, liberation, and more. How might you use flight as a visual metaphor? Think about the deeper meaning and associations of flight and how you might convey those in your art.

Use these prompts as a starting point to explore the theme of “flight” in your artwork. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers – let your intuition guide you!

Visual Prompt: Clouds

Photo Collection for Inspiration

To further inspire your creative exploration of “Flight,” this month’s visual prompt is “Clouds.” How might you interpret the sensation of flight through the visual imagery of clouds? Use these photos as a jumping-off point to explore the theme of “Flight” in a new and visually compelling way.

Tutorial Video

I have created the tutorial video above to showcase one interpretation of the intuitive prompt and visual prompt. Remember, my interpretation is just one possible way to approach this month’s prompts – I encourage you to follow your own intuition and create something uniquely your own. Use this video as a source of inspiration and a starting point for your own creative exploration.

I can’t wait to see what you create! Share your artwork in the facebook group, or on Instagram using the hashtag #CreateWithIntuition and tag me @alainajensen for a chance to be featured in my stories. Happy creating!


I want to encourage you to use any brushes that you want to for these prompts! Just take a deep breath, think about the prompts, and grab whatever brushes are calling to you in that moment without thinking too much about why. In my version, I ended up creating an Iridescent Galaxy using the brushes listed below.

xo, alaina