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I'm Alaina. Artist, brush maker, texture whisperer, and design geek. here to help you get creative with Procreate.

About Alaina


Painterly Tutorials


I’ve been playing around with the idea of digitally painting a landscape on a wood slice image, and I thought it would be fun to share the process with you. We’ll be using Procreate as usual, with my Painterly brush set (or any other oil or acrylic type brushes that you would like to use). […]

Digital Wood Slice Painting


This month’s Create with Intuition prompt is “Transformation”, a powerful concept found in both nature and our personal journeys, offering a rich source of inspiration for artists. As we transition into the month of May, we witness nature’s transformation in the form of blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and the emergence of new life. These changes can be […]

Abstract Art Prompts May 2023


Today we are doing another episode of Create with Intuition, a monthly practice where we explore intuitive and visual art prompts. This month’s theme is “Divergence,” which is the point where two things split off from one another. I find this concept fascinating because it has so many meanings in different fields of study, and […]

Abstract Art Prompts for April 2023


In my new Create with Intuition series, I provide two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt. Intuitive Prompt: “Should” This word brings up different things for different people, especially in December when there are usually a lot of things […]

Art Prompts for December 2022


Sometimes with abstract art, a blank page can be really intimidating because of the wide open realm of possibility it represents. You can do any shapes, colors, techniques, patterns etc – the possibilities are limitless! This can be really scary and sometimes result in giving up before even getting started. That is why, in this […]

Abstract Art using a Reference Photo


Today, we’re going to do something new – moving away from Procreate for the time being to explore a few of the filters available in a different app called iColorama. I am not affiliated with this app, but it’s something that I’ve noticed many members of our community experimenting with.  One of the main appeals of iColorama is the […]

Using iColorama for Thick Paint Effects


Today I’m very excited to bring you this much requested tutorial – an impressionist digital painting style influenced by Vincent Van Gogh. I’ve been wanting to create a “Starry Night” inspired video since I released my Painterly brushes, but I’ve put it off because I’ve not been 100% happy with my technique. Here is where […]

Starry Night


Today I wanted to show you a process that I’m calling “Intuitive Abstraction,” where I try to turn off my brain and just create something for the pure enjoyment of it – trying not to think about the outcome. This can be a really healing process if you’re feeling creatively blocked, which I often am […]

Intuitive Abstraction


For today’s Procreate tutorial, I wanted to look at a new way to create agate slices across the whole canvas using a technique that is different from what I have shown before, with my Painterly brushes and both the smudge and liquify tools. If you don’t have the Painterly brushes, you’re welcome to try this technique with […]

Agate Mosaic


In today’s video, we will be painting a modern piece in Procreate with lots of layered metallics and visible brushwork, using my Painterly brush set. You can watch the tutorial by clicking the video link below, and you will also find written instructions and other details in the video description. I was inspired by a beautiful […]

Gold Abstract Impressionist Painting


In today’s tutorial, we explore abstract inspiration from an unusual source: topography! Topography is essentially “the lay of the land,” or how the forms and features of land surfaces are arranged or represented. The lines, the colors, the way it all fits together – I love it!  I was browsing Unsplash when I happened upon a breathtaking collection […]

Abstract Painting Inspired by Topography


Made using iPad Pro 2020 in the Procreate app with Apple Pencil, using my “Painterly” brush set and the “Van Gogh Flowers” color palette that comes with it. You are very welcome to follow the tutorial with any other brushes you have. For this abstract painting, I first create a base out of neutrals – […]

Painting Abstract Art with Metallics and Texture in Procreate


Join me to create your view from 30,000 feet – that strange, soft, and blurry landscape you see out your window as your plane approaches its final destination. Seeing the world looking so tiny and far away offers perspective…a cherished gift in all aspects of life, including in our unique creative journeys. It’s about instinct, […]

Abstract Landscape in Procreate


For this artwork we are just playing with color, shape and texture, to intuitively make a painted abstract background. Made using iPad Pro 2020 in the Procreate app with Apple Pencil, using brushes and “Monet Sunset” palette from the Painterly brush set, but you are very welcome to follow the tutorial with any oil or […]

Painting an Abstract Background