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May 13, 2021

Abstract Painting Inspired by Topography

In today’s tutorial, we explore abstract inspiration from an unusual source: topography! Topography is essentially “the lay of the land,” or how the forms and features of land surfaces are arranged or represented. The lines, the colors, the way it all fits together – I love it! 

I was browsing Unsplash when I happened upon a breathtaking collection of photos from the United States Geological Survey. USGS is a treasure trove of beautiful (free use!) photos: geology, insects, and of course – topography.

I felt inspired to try my hand at making an abstract painting based on one of these topography images, using my Painterly brush set.

Mother Nature is the best muse – get your brushes ready and prepare to be inspired!

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Brushes used: Painterly

xo, alaina