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Alcohol Ink Tutorials


Introduction In this Procreate tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a triptych using digital alcohol ink brushes. A triptych is a piece of artwork consisting of three panels meant to be displayed together. We’ll create three panels with a cohesive abstract alcohol ink design sweeping across them. I’ll take you through the full process […]

Create a Triptych in Procreate with Digital Alcohol Ink

Triptych artwork painted in Procreate, orange, blue and purple abstract panels

In my new Create with Intuition series, I provide two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt. Intuitive Prompt: “Gratitude” When you think about what you’re grateful for, what comes to mind? Maybe a million different ideas immediately pop up, […]

Alcohol Ink Inspired by Weather Patterns – CWI Nov 2022


Today I wanted to do a very simple and colorful digital alcohol ink piece in Procreate that includes a lot of metallics and very cheerful colors, perfect for June! Canvas Dimensions: 3000×2000 pixels at 300 DPI I would love to see what you come up with! You’re very welcome to tag me on Instagram @alainajensen, […]

Colorful Alcohol Ink with Metallics

A tutorial video about how to create digital alcohol ink on an ipad

For today’s tutorial we will be making a forest out of digital alcohol ink which is very abstract and looks a bit like it might belong in a Dr. Suess book! It’s a bit silly and whimsical, and a lot of fun to make. The technique is inspired (with permission) by an artist named Bea […]

Whimsical Abstract Forest


I haven’t played with my Alcohol Ink brushes in too long, and they were calling me today! I decided to allow the lines to tell a story by tracing along the general edges of the shape, highlighting the direction and flow of the piece. Join me on this soothing journey – let’s see where our creativity will take us!  

Alcohol Ink with White Space and Gold Details


In today’s tutorial, we will explore a fun way to use the standard Quick Line tool that comes with Procreate. I love to mix things up by exploring what’s possible when you make art using both my brushes and the excellent free tools that come with Procreate!  I’m a bit obsessed with adding tools to my digital […]

Using Quick Line in Procreate with Scatter and Pattern Brushes


Today, we’re going to make a colorful burst using digital alcohol ink in Procreate. I really enjoyed working with these bright, vibrant colors. This concept is not about filling the entire canvas – the goal is to create a fairly minimal burst in the middle of the piece and focus on the shape that emerges […]

Colorful Burst with Digital Alcohol Ink


Today, I wanted to show you how to make a monochrome alcohol ink piece in Procreate. Mostly monochrome, I should say – I’ll be adding gold accents at the end. It’s a fun challenge to try and use only one color for an abstract piece, because it really forces you to focus on texture and […]

Monochrome Digital Alcohol Ink


In today’s tutorial, we revisit one of my favourite muses – gemstones! We will create an amethyst themed piece with my Amazing Alcohol Ink and Gold Rush Brushes. I was recently inspired by a beautiful amethyst drawn by @remyjoyart on Instagram, which she made using my brushes. You can follow her on Instagram and visit her webpage to check out all of the wonderful art […]



In today’s tutorial, we create an abstract landscape using my Amazing Alcohol Ink brush set. “Abstract landscape” – what does this mean? I’ve received some questions about this surrounding past tutorials. What I mean by “abstract landscape,” is that the piece in question is not meant to represent anything in particular, but rather is inspired by […]

Abstract Landscape with Digital Alcohol Inks


In today’s video, we are making an alcohol ink art piece in Procreate using the Liquify tool.  It is not strictly necessary to use the Liquify tool with my Amazing Alcohol Ink brushes and if you’ve seen a lot of my videos you’ll know I don’t tend to use it a lot. However, I know that many […]

Create Alcohol Ink Art in Procreate with the Liquify Tool


Today I have a a special treat for you – a tutorial based on a beautiful piece by a member of our Facebook community – Julie G at @thestayathomedoodler!  The contrast of the dreamy abstract alcohol inks and sharp, pleasing metallic shapes in Julie’s piece had me mesmerized, and I knew I had to try it for […]

Alcohol Ink & Gold Metallic Geometric Elements in Procreate


Pretty rocks have long held a fascination for me. I share my home with an unnamed number of stones – big and small! They have been lovingly selected over the years and placed on special shelves and in places of prominence, where their mystery and deep quiet beauty can be seen and felt. Do you […]

Paint a Geode in Procreate


In this process video, I was inspired by Malachite and wanted to make something similar with digital alcohol ink, using lines, circles, liquefy effects to warp everything like malachite, and a little bit of glitter. Made using iPad Pro 2020 in the Procreate app with Apple Pencil, using brushes from the “Amazing Alcohol Ink” brush […]

Malachite Painting with Digital Alcohol Ink in Procreate