May 6, 2021

Abstract Landscape with Digital Alcohol Inks

In today’s tutorial, we create an abstract landscape using my Amazing Alcohol Ink brush set.

“Abstract landscape” – what does this mean? I’ve received some questions about this surrounding past tutorials. What I mean by “abstract landscape,” is that the piece in question is not meant to represent anything in particular, but rather is inspired by the curves and lines of a landscape. 

Today’s piece was influenced by the work of Ashley Mahlberg. Follow her on Instagram @inkreel to feast your eyes on her beautiful art. You can purchase her art or her book (which I have and love!) on her website. 

If you’ve watched many of my tutorials, you may have noticed that I like to use a mixture of harsh lines and softer fadeouts – I’m a huge fan of contrast. Creating abstract art that is intuitive and free-flowing feels so nourishing. What a gift to have something that is just for you, a space where you feel completely yourself. We add the details until it “feels right.”

I can’t wait to see what you create!

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Brushes used: Alcohol Ink brushes

xo, alaina