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Holographic & Iridescent Tutorials


Welcome to the latest installment of Create with Intuition, a monthly series where we explore the power of intuitive prompts to inspire your creative practice. This month, our intuitive prompt is “Flight,” and we’ve got five exploratory questions to get you started. Can’t see the video? You can also watch it on Youtube. Intuitive Prompt: […]

Abstract Art prompts March 2023


In today’s tutorial, we’re creating a mandala in Procreate! This piece was inspired by Jane Proctor, a member of our Facebook community. Jane’s artwork is simply marvelous! Please check out her Instagram profile. Lately, she’s been creating these amazing mandalas with iridescent centers and gold trim. I will be using my Gold Rush brushes for the outline and my Iridescent brushes for the […]



Today’s tutorial is a bit more advanced, with loads of texture, experimentation, and more layers than a wedding cake! At the end of it all, you will have another fun trick up your sleeve, a skill that you can apply to your lettering art. I give you…drawing inside text in Procreate! I’ve done this on […]

Drawing inside a font in Procreate


In today’s tutorial, we will make a mother of pearl abalone shell texture. Abalone shells are quite iridescent, usually blue and green with plenty of sparkles and gorgeous texture, lines and squiggles. We will be using the Liquify tool to re-create those lines and ruffles that look like a shell texture.  I will show how […]

Mother of Pearl Texture


Today’s tutorial is based off of one of my very favorite gemstones – labradorite! The mysterious depth of this stone will hypnotize you… If you hold it in the light, you will be dazzled by flashes of blue, green and yellow. I will be using my Iridescent brush set for Procreate. In last week’s Opal […]



A walkthrough and tutorial for my new Holographic and Iridescent brush system for Procreate. In this video, you can look over my shoulder while I demo the brushes and describe their properties. These color shifting brushes provide a sprinkling of magic to any project – whether it be gemstones, dragonfly wings, mermaid tails, or “oil […]

Holographic and Iridescent brushes – Complete Walkthrough


Today I’m so excited to introduce my brand new Holographic & Iridescent brushes for Procreate! I’ve been wanting to make brushes like this for a long time.  The brushes are particularly well suited to gemstone drawings which is one of my favorite themes, so I’ve gone ahead and kicked off with a much requested Opal Tutorial.  I […]