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Mixed Media Tutorials


In my Create with Intuition series, I provide two art prompts every month – an intuitive prompt in the form of a word or phrase to explore, and a visual prompt. Intuitive Prompt: “Song Lyrics” Choose a song that you like or has meaning to you. Use the answers to these questions to inspire your […]

Art Prompts for Feb 2023


For today’s video I’m sharing the process of doodling and playing, not really expressing anything deep or groundbreaking, but making something just to be creative. I wanted to share in order to encourage you to keep creating and sharing as well!  Canvas Dimensions: 3000×2000 pixels Supplies

Mixed Media Doodle


Today I wanted to take you along with me while creating a very messy digital mixed media collage on a dark background. We will experiment with adding bits of paper, stitching, doodles and paint using my Mixed Media brush set for Procreate. Canvas Dimensions: 10 x 8″ at 300 DPI Set the background color Go […]

Make a Digital Mixed Media Collage

Mixed Media Collage on a Dark Background

In today’s tutorial, we will create an abstract digital collage landscape. First we will use a photo from Unsplash to find the basic shapes and colors of the landscape, and then take it off the rails by using paper textures, ephemera stamps, stitching and paint to create a very fanciful and abstract mixed media landscape […]

Digital Collage Landscape


Today’s tutorial is a mixed media piece that was inspired by a supporter who was curious about my “creative process” and asked me to make a video explaining it. The brushes (including stamps) and palette I’m using are from my Mixed Media bundle for Procreate. You can view the tutorial by clicking below. The piece I am […]

Ink Circles Mixed Media


Today we will explore the “Flower Head” collage trend and how to make one in the Procreate iPad app using vintage flower, bird and butterfly stamp brushes. The stamp brushes and palette I’m using are from my Mixed Media bundle for Procreate. You can use this technique to create whimsical portraits for clients, friends, family, or […]

Flower Head Collage


In today’s tutorial we will create a neutral abstract collage piece in the Procreate, using plenty of whimsical embellishments, but with a subtle color palette so that the overall effect is muted. I chose to focus on the top and the bottom of the canvas rather than the middle, in order to create a composition […]

Neutral Mixed Media Abstract Collage


Introducing my Mixed Media Collage brush set for Procreate! This brush set will enable you to create whimsical, collage style artwork in the Procreate iPad app with an Apple Pencil. Join me as we demo each of the 51 mixed media brushes, and the Ephemera stamp brushes, with tips on how to use them. I […]

Mixed Media Collage brushes – Full Walkthrough