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Pressed flowers


In a previous tutorial, I showed how to paint a moon in Procreate with my watercolor brush set. Today, I’ll show how to digitally add pressed flower embellishments to the watercolor painting for a dreamy and delicate collage result.

Embellish a Digital Watercolor Painting with Pressed Flowers


I’ve noticed a decor trend where people will hang dried flowers upside down, attached end to end and hanging in lines, so that they are looking kind of like a curtain. I really like how this looks so I wanted to try out the concept with my new pressed flower brushes, and at the same […]

Flower Curtain

Digital Flower Curtain tutorial

Today’s tutorial is a very quick and easy wreath with a focal point on one side. In my opinion, a wreath is beautiful no matter what season and can be very versatile and used with lots of different types of greenery. We will cover how to create each element of greenery in a new layer, […]

Create a Realistic Greenery Wreath