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Winter Magic Tutorials


In today’s tutorial, we will explore a fun way to use the standard Quick Line tool that comes with Procreate. I love to mix things up by exploring what’s possible when you make art using both my brushes and the excellent free tools that come with Procreate!  I’m a bit obsessed with adding tools to my digital […]

Using Quick Line in Procreate with Scatter and Pattern Brushes


In today’s tutorial, we create an Aurora Borealis piece using the Motion Blur tool with my Galaxy and Winter Magic Brush sets. In keeping with last week’s theme, we are pairing another standard Procreate tool with my brushes. Incorporating these tools is an area of exploration for me, and I am enjoying adding to the repertoire of artistic resources at […]

Aurora Borealis with Motion Blur in Procreate


This is an easy technique for creating a northern lights painting in Procreate. The trick is using an upward motion with the blending brush, and brightening a few areas for that otherworldly look. Made using iPad Pro 2020 in the Procreate app with Apple Pencil, using the brushes and palettes available from the links above. […]

Aurora Borealis


I’ve had lots of requests for a tutorial with my new Winter Magic brushes, so here you go! I went with a mountainy winter wonderland theme and a crystal moon. First I drew the hills on separate layers, starting with very white at the front and getting darker and darker toward the back. I added […]

Draw a Winter Wonderland Scene in Procreate