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Watercolor Tutorials


Creating digital art on a foil texture can be a fun and unique technique to experiment with. In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the steps of painting on top of a foil texture using Procreate. From choosing a foil texture to adding color and dimension with various brushes, you can create a beautiful and original artwork that incorporates the shine and texture of foil.

Paint Over a Foil Texture in Procreate


Today we are using one of my favourite techniques for boosting creativity – completely removing color as a variable by using only one color (black in this case). This forces us to focus on other variables instead to make the art more interesting, like texture details. Painting a full moon seemed like a perfect, minimalist […]

Watercolor Moon


I wanted to do a special tutorial today in honor of the strong and brave people of Ukraine who are currently fighting for their lives, their families, and their homes. The brush, canvas and palette used in this tutorial are available to you at the links below. These materials are freely given because I wanted […]

Watercolor Sunflowers | Free Brush, Canvas & Palette


In today’s tutorial, I wanted to explore one of my favourite themes – gemstones and geodes! It’s a favorite genre of mine which I wanted to try it in a new medium today, so I will be showing you how to paint a geode using my Amazing Watercolor brush set. You are very welcome to follow […]

Watercolor Geode


I hope this email finds you well and happy! I’ve been absent for a little while because I’ve been working on my brand new watercolor brushes. I’m so excited that they are finally ready and now for the fun part – lots of watercolor tutorials! For today’s Procreate tutorial, we are painting a soft and colourful watercolor […]

Digital Watercolor Sunset


Fancy a day at the beach? In today’s tutorial, we create a watercolor Seascape that will have you feeling calm and refreshed.  In this piece, we use a reference photo and experiment heavily with the Watercolor Texture brushes (and others!) from my Amazing Watercolor brush set. If you don’t have this set, you are welcome to follow along with any […]

Digital Watercolor Ocean in Procreate


Today, I wanted to show you how to paint a watercolor tulip in procreate. This tutorial was inspired by some gorgeous tulips that I bought the other day (featured in the video) – I love how the red seeps into the yellow, and I just had to try to recreate it! I’ve included some details […]

Watercolor Tulip in Procreate


For this week’s tutorial, we are creating a simple watercolor piece in Procreate featuring peonies, inspired by the blooming peony bush in my garden.  I will be showing this process using my watercolor brushes, but alternatively you are welcome to use any other watercolor brushes you might already have instead. We will cover setting up the […]

Watercolor Peony in Procreate


A full walkthrough and tutorial for my new Amazing Watercolor brush system for Procreate. In this video, you can look over my shoulder while I explain and demonstrate what each brush is for and how to get the best results out of it. Canvas Size: 3000 x 2000 pixels at 300 DPI. I would love […]

Amazing Watercolor for Procreate – Complete Walkthrough