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March 3, 2022

Pastel Acrylic Pour

The only parts about today’s piece that I planned ahead are the brushes and the colors! The rest will be totally spontaneous. Join me as we create intuitively together!

I’m feeling very drawn to blues, purples and pinks today. I start out by making a few blobs on the paper, choosing colors that I think will look good next to each other – some colors (such as green and pink) can give a muddy look if they are blended together. I’m imagining that I am actually pouring acrylic colors onto the piece. These colors are giving an Easter vibe!

When I use my Swipe with Cells blend only brushes, no color gets added – just manipulation of existing colors! Going fast result in more erasure, going slow results in more subtle blending. My favored technique with these brushes is to take one color and drag it into the neighboring color. The great thing about manipulating color with blend only brushes, is that if you don’t like the way something looks, you can just keep revisiting the area until you come upon something that you like. The Undo button is also your friend – I say go for it boldly! You can simply undo and try again for as many times as it takes.

I think it’s just marvelous that you can start out with a few blobs on a canvas and soon it seems, the piece takes on a mind and a shape of its own! I love the curvature of this piece and I’m pleased with how it turned out – let’s call it a “whoosh!”

Canvas Dimensions: 20″ x 16″ Tip – I love using large canvases, because they make for good print quality if you happen to fall in love with a piece that you’ve made! The brushes I’m using are from my Acrylic Pour brushes for Procreate.

Specific Alcohol Ink Brushes Used: –

  • Basic Paint Starter
  • Swipe with Cells 5 Blend Only
  • Swipe with Cells 2 Blend Only
  • Dynamic Cells 3 Dual Color for Tilt
  • Dynamic Cells 4 Dual Color for Tilt
  • Blue Torch | Tiny Cells

I would love to see what you come up with! You’re very welcome to tag me on Instagram @alainajensen, use #alainajensenbrushes or share your work in our free facebook group

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Brushes used: Acrylic Pour

xo, alaina