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Art & Brushes

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Procreate Brushes

Brush Sampler Bundle

A sampler bundle including of 25 my premium brushes selected from my 2020 Bundle. All are made from original sources, and optimised for ease of use right out of the box.

Signature Stamp Template

A template you can easily duplicate to create a stamp of your signature so that you can easily sign your artwork. A tutorial about how to do this is also provided.

Watercolor Brush & Canvas

A versatile, pressure sensitive watercolor brush you can use for both backgrounds and details, for instance to create the entire Watercolor Sunflower painting. The Sunflower color palette is also provided as a separate download here.

Procreate Color Palettes

Alcohol Ink Brights
Color Palette

Abstract Landscape Color Palette

Inky Ethereal
Color Palette

Inky Abstract
Color Palette

Color Palette

Color Palette

Fluid Acrylic Pastels
Color Palette

Fluid Acrylic Brights Color Palette

Color Palette

Color Palette

Watercolor Pastels Color Palette

Watercolor Peonies Color Palette

Standard Galaxy Color Palette

Pastel Galaxy
Color Palette

Van Gogh Starry Night Color Palette