About Alaina

my family and i are blown away by the amazing scenery here in the uk.

We often visit the peak district, dartmoor, the lake district, and cornwall.

a breathtaking natural scene or piece of artwork can often move me to tears in a way i can't describe.

I am a digital and analogue intuitive artist, living in rural Hertfordshire, UK, with my Danish husband, two energetic children and an even more energetic dog.

As a child I always loved to express myself in various artistic mediums, and when the internet first became a thing, I could see the potential to reach other creative souls outside my small circle. I knew that someday I would make my living that way, and in 2014, after starting a family, two university degrees (in English then Software Development) and a slew of unsatisfying desk jobs, it was time. 

In 2014, I started online shops selling digital design resources like graphics, patterns, photoshop styles, and fonts, to my fellow creatives. In 2018, I discovered the Procreate iPad app and fell in love with it. I could see that this app was very powerful, but also user friendly and budget friendly enough to make digital art accessible to many more people. I especially loved becoming part of the vast and supportive community of Procreate users and I began creating brushes for intuitive abstract art styles that I loved, and building my own community around intuitive digital art.

I feel very passionate about encouraging others to find their inner artist and express themselves, in whatever way resonates with them. I also feel strongly that art is for everyone, which is why I have currently chosen to focus on digital art, because I believe that it has the potential to make artistic expression available to people who might not otherwise be able to pursue it.

fluid art

I create textural, abstract artwork using alcohol ink to evoke emotions with intricate details. I am also an expert at digitising these works in order to make them ready for print or web.

pressed flowers

I am fascinated with the concept of creating artwork and digital designs using real pressed plants. For these projects I source local plants, press them, scan them and digitally enhance them, then combine them into unique artwork for web and print.


I enjoy combining real life texture with digital mediums to create new possibilities. I design and sell installable brushes for an iPad art app called Procreate, to try and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital art.

Current Projects


I have an ongoing fascination with everything that glitters and have made it my personal mission over the years to recreate this effect digitally in a realistic way, which can be a bit mind bending when you get into it! But I love it.

Current Projects

United States, Brazil, and Denmark, UK

I have lived in:

English, Danish and Portuguese, and a bit of Spanish

I speak / understand:

Hertfordshire, England, UK

living in:

Albertslund, Denmark

home for 8 years:

Garland, Texas, USA

originally from:

Where do I come from?

It's not the easiest question to answer. I'm an American currently settled in the UK (since 2016), but I’m a digital nomad at heart. I've been influenced by many different places, peoples and languages that make me who I am today.


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