fluid art

I create textural, abstract artwork using alcohol ink to evoke emotions with intricate details. I am also an expert at digitising these works in order to make them ready for print or web.


pressed flowers

I am fascinated with the concept of creating artwork and digital designs using real pressed plants. For these projects I source local plants, press them, scan them and digitally enhance them, then combine them into unique artwork for web and print.



I enjoy combining real life texture with digital mediums to create new possibilities. I design and sell installable brushes for an iPad art app called Procreate, to try and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital art.



I have an ongoing fascination with everything that glitters and have made it my personal mission over the years to recreate this effect digitally in a realistic way, which can be a bit mind bending when you get into it! But I love it.

current projects